Blue Energy: radiofrequency and endodermal massage for revascularisation

Blue EnergyRadiofrequency and pulsed vacuum action massage just with a single handpiece for quicker and more effective rejuvenation treatments.

Blue Energy is a complete device which has been specifically studied in order to effect combined treatments by using two systems widely known: radiofrequency and endermology massage performed with a pulsed vacuum action.

This device has been planned in order to fight against skin ageing, especially of the face, and as valid help for revascularization of certain areas of the body where, because of a a blood circulation stasis with association to advanced age and exposure to the sun, there has been a slight blemishes formation (wrinkles, scars, stretch marks...).

The two systems can be used in sinergy or individually and, to this end, Blue Energy is provided with specific applicators in order to effect the treatments in both ways. Particularly the combined treatment, effected with only one handpiece, allows to halve the working times with big advantage for the operator. Radiofrequency allows to send energy by generating internal heat where it is specifically required with advantage on local blood circulation and a subsequent better derma cells irroration. Best advantages on blood circulation is obtainable by coupling the two systems in sinergy.
Endermology massage, performed with a pulsed vacuum action, allows to effect a useful detaching action.