Beauty Cav Duo: low frequency ultrasound device to eliminate fat and cellulite

Beauty Cav DuoThanks to its exclusive low frequency ultrasound technology, it enables the elimination of about 3-4 cm of fat at each session without overheating.

Beauty Cav Duo is based on low frequency ultrasound technology, a noninvasive technique that does not pose the disadvantages of surgical liposuction, focusing on the most difficult zones (abdomen, inner thighs, buttocks and hips).

It is an entirely painless technique, not requiring hospitalisation and devoid of post-surgical effects.
The versatility of this machine offers various application possibilities:

the elimination of accumulated fat, the reduction of unsightly cellulite and edema, the improvement of blood circulation in the treated zone. A big feature distinguishes this device compared with others: the utilization of an impulsed application methodotology that al lows to minimize the overheating normally caused by a continuous application methodotology.

Beauty Cav Duo is equipped with 2 handpieces of different size that allow to treat big and small body parts.